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Paying for the effort

Q: Is the Cygwin distribution free software?

A: Yes, it is. You get to use the software for free. The only "strings attached" are that, in general, you must comply with the terms of the GNU General Public License.

However, the fact that you can get the software for free doesn't mean that there is no cost to the people involved in producing it for you. The people who bring you the packages in the Cygwin distribution have often invested a considerable amount of their personal time into the providing you with the best possible Cygwin experience. This is particularly true of the people who work on the Cygwin DLL itself.

Individual donation links

Cygwin project lead

Only donations of 10 EUR.
Yaakov Selkowitz
The dedicated package maintainer of many Cygwin packages and head of the cygports project.

Donations are accepted in CAD; please note the current exchange rates.
Jon Turney
Cygwin X Server developer and package maintainer
Eric Blake
The dedicated maintainer of coreutils, bash, and other packages
Jari Aalto
The dedicated package maintainer of more than 100 Cygwin packages

Major Cygwin supporters who have contributed 200 USD or more

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