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mips abi=n32 missing HI16 relocations (

I have gcc 3.2.3 and binutils
running and have built it for miltiple ABI's
system is mips-wrs-vxworks (elf)

I'd like to switch from using o64 to n32
but the relocations are all missing the hi16 part.

I note there have been significant changes in this area 
in gas/config/tc-mips.c for 2.14

Is there a fix I can make to get this to work in
I note something from on the binutils mailing list
'NEWABI bogon in 2001-10-04 change to macro_build_lui'
  (and I note the latest sources (main and the 2.14 branch) has the 
   HAVE_NEWABI check moved in the macro_build_lui)

which states the same problem, not sure if its referring to 2.14 issues or

Q: Does n32 work with if I got this fixed? 
   Or are there multiple other issues I'm goint to run into?
Q: Is there a fix for this small issue?
	ie. can I simply change the macro_build_lui() fn
          to move the check into the assert as it is in the 
Q: Should I wait for 2.14? When is it going to be officially available?
	or should I just download it and build it now.

Q: Is there some documentation as to all the other ABI
   ie. eabi, 

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