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Confusion about value stored in linker script

I do a lot of this kind of thing:

	. = 0x80008000
	.text :
		. = ALIGN(4);
		gVectorsStart = .;
		KEEP (obj/vectors.o(.text));
		gVectorsEnd = .;
		. = ALIGN(4);

I expect gVectorsStart and gVectorsEnd to contain the value of the address at each point. In C, I refer to them like this:

typedef unsigned long UInt32;

extern UInt32*	gVectorsStart;
extern UInt32*	gVectorsEnd;

However, when I look at the values in those variables from the C code, it seems like the value contained is the value at that point in the link. In other words, the first few bytes of vectors.o are 0xe59ff018, and that's what I see as the value of the gVectorsStart. I *expected* to see that for *gVectorsStart (the pointed-to data). According to the map file:

                0x8000807c                gVectorsStart = .
 .text          0x8000807c       0x3c obj/vectors.o
                0x800080b8                gVectorsEnd = .

Summarizing, the C code thinks:

Vectors start address: 0xE59FF018
Vectors start &addres: 0x8000807C
Vectors first word:    0x8000807C

help! Thanks!


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