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Re: [patch]: Add MS __ImageBase symbol to 32-bit pe.em

Hi Pedro,

> But, two underscores on __ImageBase on the C/C++ side links correctly.

AFAIC read, you are right. There must be two underscores in the header and 
therefore three in ld. I took a look at the MS headers (as Jerker did) and 
MS defines it with two underscores 8|
I will add the same issue to pep.em, too. Because I defined it there 
false, too.

> > For Windows CE and arm-wince __image_base__ is invalid too (the same 
> > as for _ImageBase).
> I know.  It hasn't bothered me enough yet to fix it ;)
> > No, for x64 it is underscored, too.
> Humm, this is what I remembered reading:
I can just tell, that for the x86_64 version underscores are generated for 
symbols. And this target has the same base (for this configuration) as the 
32-bit version. So IMHO there are underscores.

ChangleLog for /ld/emultempl:

2007-11-02  Kai Tietz  <>

        * emultempl/pe.em: (init): Add __ImageBase symbol.
        (MSIMAGEBASEOFF): New.
        (set_pe_name): Keep __image_base and __ImageBase value synch.
        (_set_symbols): Likewise.
        * emultempl/pep.em: Likewise.

Is this OK for apply ?

 i.A. Kai Tietz

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