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Re: Windres problem with manifests

Hi Markus,

I have a working windres, from which i don't know where the h*** i got
it from:

	mduft $ windres --version
	GNU windres 2.9.1

Wow, that is old.

The resulting windres seems to work, and produces .res and .o files
without problems - but: the resulting files are damaged! I stripped down
a little test case (attached) which shows, that embedding manifest files
as resource doesn't seem to work! See file "instructions" to see how to
produce the error i see (while linking the resulting object).

Unfortunately that test case assumes that I have cl.exe and link.exe and that I can run them on my local machine... (Well I could run them. but I certainly do not have them).

  1. What is the error that you are seeing ?

  2. If you compare an object file produced by the 2.9.1 windres and an object
     file produced by the 2.18 windres how do they differ ?

  3. Your testcase includes a Makefile and sources to build a client and a dll,
     but neither of these are referenced in the "instructions" file.  Are they
     needed at all ?

  4. Have you tried a windres built from the mainline of the binutils sources
     in the CVS repository ?


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