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Re: [ia64] objcopy and constant-gp

On Nov 12, 2007, at 9:36 AM, Jakub Jermar wrote:
the following stopped working for me in ia64 binutils 2.18:

1. I have a binary file and want to objcopy it from the binary format to elf64-ia64-little, creating one ELF section in it, the result is called empty.o
2. I want to link empty.o with other .o files that were compiled with -mconstant-gp
3. ld returns an error complaining about linking constant-gp and non-constant-gp object files

So I would like to know if you consider this a regression or if it is actually a feature or a fix introduced in the newest version.

Anyway, what I am now most concerned about is if there is a straightforward way to specify that empty.o should be constructed with the constant-gp flag. (There is an easy workaround for this: after objcopy, patch the ELF file manually and set the constant-gp bit using some hex editor).

This behaviour sounds reasonable.

You'd better to create empty.s which .incbin (see gas manual) the binary file. Then you assemble empty.s
using the right options (--mconstant-gp).
The link should be successful.


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