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Re: [bfd] RFC: support to get data from import/export tables [especially PE files]

Hi Jakub,

I've got question how to introduce new functions in bfd.
I haven't seen any doc about it.

The code is the documentation. :-) OK, so that is not the greatest situation, but it is basically true. There is a file bfd/doc/bfdint.texi which you ought to look at. Plus of course familiarity with how bfd works helps a lot.

+.  NAME##_imports_get_shared_objects, \
+.  NAME##_imports_get, \

maybe instead of creating new BFD_JUMP_TABLE() I've should add these function to BFD_JUMP_TABLE() which already exists?)

No, it is best to keep this new functionality separate and have a new jump table.

and than in each declared bfd_target I should do:
BFD_JUMP_TABLE_IMPORT(_bfd_noimports) when i don't implement support for it.
and BFD_JUMP_TABLE_IMPORT(mytarget) when I implement support for it?

Yes, although you can ease this somewhat by providing a default definition in elfxx-target.h, so that you do not have to handle every ELF based target separately.

[these _bfd_noimports_* function SHOULD exists or they could be macros
to bfd_true() bfd_false() or bfd_nullvoidptr() with typecast?
Where I should define them?]

In bfd.c

Am I right?

Spot on. :-)


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