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Re: git login -> name mapping

"according to my research ..."

>       5:alanm=FIXME <alanm@cygnus>           Alan Matsuoka
>       7:alehotsky=FIXME <alehotsky@cygnus>   Alan Lehotsky
>       9:ambar=FIXME <ambar@cygnus>           Jean Marie Diaz
>      28:bill=FIXME <bill@cygnus>             Bill Cox
>      29:billm=FIXME <billm@cygnus>           Bill Moyer
>      46:cassidy=FIXME <cassidy@cygnus>       Jeffrey Wheat
>      59:cmarinas=FIXME <cmarinas@cygnus>
>     107:eepstein=FIXME <eepstein@cygnus>     Edith Epstein
>     136:gmealer=FIXME <gmealer@cygnus>
>     148:hgs=FIXME <hgs@cygnus>               Heinz G. Seidl
>     153:hpn=FIXME <hpn@cygnus>               Hans-Peter Nilsson
>     158:iancarm=FIXME <iancarm@cygnus>       Ian Carmichael
>     171:jeffrey=FIXME <jeffrey@cygnus>       Jeffrey Osier
>     174:jillian=FIXME <jillian@cygnus>       Jillian Ye
>     183:jmetzler=FIXME <jmetzler@cygnus>     John Metzler
>     184:jmoore=FIXME <jmoore@cygnus>         John Moore
>     196:karen=FIXME <karen@cygnus>           Karen Christiansen
>     215:kung=FIXME <kung@cygnus>             Kung Hsu
>     240:mhayes=FIXME <mhayes@cygnus>         Michael Hayes
>     241:mkeezer=FIXME <mkeezer@cygnus>       Michael Keezer
>     245:moser=FIXME <moser@cygnus>           Wilfried Moser
>     252:mtw=FIXME <mtw@cygnus>               Mike Werner
>     261:niklas=FIXME <niklas@cygnus>         Niklas Hallqvist (?)
>     264:nobody=FIXME <nobody@cygnus>         Alan Smithee
>     290:radouch=FIXME <radouch@cygnus>       Zdenek Radouch
>     299:release=FIXME <release@cygnus>       Alan Smithee
>     300:rfolden=FIXME <rfolden@cygnus>       Rudy Folden
>     308:runrau=FIXME <runrau@cygnus>         Ron Unrau
>     311:saidz=FIXME <saidz@cygnus>           Said Ziouani
>     338:steve=FIXME <steve@cygnus>
>     350:tobin=FIXME <tobin@cygnus>           Tobin Brockett
>     358:ttk=FIXME <ttk@cygnus>               TTK Ciar
>     364:victoria=FIXME <victoria@cygnus>

- FChE

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