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Re: git is live

> You want git rebase --onto.
> I did it using "git format-patch" followed by "git am" the first time.
> The second time I did Pedro's approach and used "git rebase --onto".
> Both of these worked great, though some manual labor is needed.
> (Actually the second time I wrote a script to automate it: using git
> merge-base to find the root of a branch and then looking up the
> corresponding commit in the new tree -- but for reasons I don't know it
> only worked for about half of my branches.)

Yeah, I tried rebase --onto for one branch, and format-patch for
another. Both worked fine, but the fetch-and-rebase approach imports a
whole commit history dating back to the beginning of time into the new
repo. It seems like it'll be easier to make sure I don't leak old
commit history from the old repo into the new one with format-patch.
I'm not sure how much I've bloated my repo just from fetching the one
branch -- presumably it's not a lot, since the content store is based
on hashes, but I might reclone and compare sizes just to see. (Maybe a
git gc will clean things up, too.)


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