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RE: Looking for MIPS32 and ARM Linux systems to run GCC testsuite on


> It might do, and the PS2 is probably a target worth supporting,
> anyway.  Perhaps you could give my toolchain build-and-test script
> a whirl?  The script runs on a beefy PC with lots of disk and RAM,
> and uses rsh and rcp to run tests on the target.
> Alternately, maybe you could hook it up to the net so I can
> run a few preliminary tests remotely via ssh?

I'll see if I can do something with it this weekend and let you know.

An account will be made on my PS2 for you, so you can log on via SSH and
have some fun remotely.

Btw, if you want PS2 native support (not general MIPS) in your build&test
script, check out

Which has some sources/patches/scripts for the binutils/gcc/newlib/glibc to
support all the CPUs in the PS2. (The main CPU is that 128bit thingy, then
there are two Vector Units and an input-output cpu which is a MIPS32)

Maybe it would be interesting if your script would be able to automagically
build a whole PS2 dev environment. (for both linuxkit and non-linuxkit users
while you're at it :) )

The people from ps2dev try to make a toolchain without the need for the
(commercial) PS2 linux kit. (

Also interesting to check out, is

Somewhere in the list is a project to make a latest binutils/gcc/newlib
toolchain on the linux kit.

I'll send you a private mail with more info on IP-address & login to access
my PS2. 
And you can then tell me what I can do to help you make&test the toolchains.


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