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[ANNOUNCE] ptxdist-0.3.23 released

Hildesheim, Germany - Pengutronix has released version 0.3.23 of the
Userland Build system PTXdist. This release contains major changes; due
to a problem with glibc it still is targeted to developers who want to
give it a try. 


- generic x86 configuration for testing purposes: 
  'make i386-generic-glibc_config; make world'
- distclean target
- cleanup all over the place; see ChangeLog for details


- on our Debian unstable machines we still see a problem with glibc's 
  _G_config.h not being installed; as this happens under uncontrolled
  conditions we would like to hear about success reports from other

PTXdist is a GPL licensed tool which can be used to customize Linux and
the GNU userland for all kinds of embedded systems, like PLCs, data
loggers, firewalls etc. It provides a kconfig configuration system and a
Makefile based framework to document how an embedded Linux was created.
The archive is small and downloads all necessary source archives from
the original web sites with wget.  

The release can be found on the PTXdist homepage: 

Robert Schwebel
 Dipl.-Ing. Robert Schwebel |
 Pengutronix - Linux Solutions for Science and Industry
   Handelsregister:  Amtsgericht Hildesheim, HRA 2686
     Hornemannstraße 12,  31137 Hildesheim, Germany
    Phone: +49-5121-28619-0 |  Fax: +49-5121-28619-4

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