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Re: crosscompiler tool chain from i386-linux to powerpc-apple andothers


Check out Dan Kegel's crosstool script. Search the archives.

I don't know that he supports your targets directly, but he's the closest I've seen and I bet that since you have access to those machines, the two of you could work something out.

/me ducks after volunteering Dan for more scripting...


Ricardo Scachetti Pereira wrote:

Hi, all,

I have an ANSI C++ application that I want to deploy in different platforms/operating systems.
I'm trying to create a series of crossgcc toolchais to produce binaries for the different targets from the same host (i686-pc-linux-gnu), but with no success so far.
I was wondering whether any of you could help me with this.
I'm trying to follow the instructions from many FAQs but the information is a bit scattered. The main one I'm following is from the crossGCC FAQ (
The targets I'm aiming at are: powerpc-apple-darwin (MacOS X), sparc-sun-solaris, i386-pc-solaris, i386-pc-freebsd2.
I managed (I think) to compile binutils for all those platforms, but I get stuck when compiling gcc as a cross-compiler to those targets.
I tried many different versions of gcc and configuration options but none worked.
So before I provide any more details about how I'm doing that, has anyone ever produced a tool chain for those combinations of host/target? I'm trying to get some info about what versions of each package to use.
I read that crossgcc is intended for generating binaries for embbeded systems. Can it be used for building binaries to complete operating systems like I'm trying to do?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Ricardo Scachetti Pereira Computer Engineer Lifemapper Distributed Computing Project

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-- Bill Gatliff Embedded GNU and Linux development, training

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