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Re: crosscompiler tool chain from i386-linux to powerpc-apple andothers

Bill Gatliff wrote:
Check out Dan Kegel's crosstool script. Search the archives.

I don't know that he supports your targets directly, but he's the closest I've seen and I bet that since you have access to those machines, the two of you could work something out.

/me ducks after volunteering Dan for more scripting...

Bill, you bastard! :-)

Ricardo Scachetti Pereira wrote:
The targets I'm aiming at are: powerpc-apple-darwin (MacOS X), sparc-sun-solaris, i386-pc-solaris, i386-pc-freebsd2.

Hi Ricardo! My crosstool script,, will probably not help because it targets linux, not MacOSX, Solaris, or FreeBSD. A

But I bet there are plenty of recipes out there on the net
for how to do it.  The main thing you need to know is you
need to copy the system include files and some libraries
from the target systems onto your build system (maybe you already knew that).

Google can find a few recipes, e.g. here are a few for
targeting solaris:

Once you get one working, the rest shouldn't be too bad.
Good luck!
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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