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Re: Avoid running ./configure every time?

On Tue, 19 Aug 2003, Alexandros Karypidis wrote:
> Well, I do use --prefix to specify different target directories for
> libraries/executables, but the .o files need to removed/rebuilt. If I have 2
> source directories, I need to copy changes among them (as far as I understand
> I will have two copies of the source code). Is this the suggestion? i.e.:
> - Keep sources in 2 directories: x86 and arm
> - Edit contents of x86
> - Sync arm sources every time needed and compile
> Have I understood correctly?

I think that the build-outside-the-source-tree idea is a good one for you
in this type of situation.  For example:

Source code is in /home/user/projsrc

Go to that directory, and create a directory called "x86build".  Create
another directory called "armbuild".  To build for the x86, go into the
x86build directory and run "../configure" with whatever options you need.

Same for the ARM.

Your object files and executable will be placed in the x86build/armbuild
directories, respectively.

	- Mike

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