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Re: crosscompiler tool chain from i386-linux to powerpc-apple andothers

--- Ricardo Scachetti Pereira <>

>Yes, I heard something like that, too. I knew it
>would be hard to cross-compileto Mac OS X. I >might
setup a MacOS X box only for that...
>I read something on the net about building >binutils
with "powerpc-apple"as target instead of
>"powerpc-apple-darwin" and then you create a soft
>linkbetween them.
>This person also reports that something breaks on
>the gcc step. So I didn'ttry it out.

Well, I wish you luck (and would be very pleased if
you succeeded), but the message at
pretty much sums up the issue:
mach-o support in bfd is very rudimentary, and without
support for mach-o, it'll be quite a while before a
cross assembler/linker exists.
>I'll try that. However I'm having problems in
>getting the prebuilt librariesand headers from
>freebsd's ftp server. I think I need to install >the
OS andthen get the files.
Nope, I just gave it a try. Go to<architecture>/5.1-RELEASE/base
. Download all the base.* files. Cat all of them
(base.[a-c]* ) to a single file (it'll be a .tgz) and
uncompress it somewhere. If you use gcc cvs, use
--with-sysroot and specify the directory where you
uncompressed the base.tgz. You should be good to go.
Currently (as of this morning) alpha, i386, ia64 and
sparc64 all build (c,c++,objc).



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