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New package: {SuiteSparse,libSuiteSparse-devel}-3.1.0-1


The package SuiteSparse is now available with the
Cygwin distribution:


it is one of the package needed to fully compile


SuiteSparse is a single archive that contains 

o AMD: symmetric approximate minimum degree
o BTF: permutation to block triangular form
o CAMD: symmetric approximate minimum degree
o CCOLAMD: constrained column approximate minimum
o COLAMD: column approximate minimum degree
o CHOLMOD: sparse supernodal Cholesky factorization
and update/downdate
o CSparse: a concise sparse matrix package
o CXSparse: an extended version of CSparse
o KLU: sparse LU factorization, for circuit simulation
o LDL: a simple LDL^T factorization
o UMFPACK: sparse multifrontal LU factorization
o RBio: MATLAB toolbox for reading/writing sparse
o UFconfig: common configuration for all but CSparse
o LINFACTOR: solve Ax=b using LU or CHOL
o MESHND: 2D and 3D mesh generation and nested
o SSMULT: sparse matrix times sparse matrix 
Plus this software (in SuiteSparse itself, not
downloaded separately):
o UFcollection: software for managing the collection
o MATLAB_Tools: various m-file utilities 

Marco Atzeri

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