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Want to be a gcc/binutils maintainer?

I picked up gcc and binutils maintainership because the previous people
who had been doing it sort of went silent.

Maintaining these packages is not something that I want to do, however.

Is anyone else interested in doing this?

Maintaining binutils is relatively easy.  I have one small patch that I
keep in the distribution.  It received some inexplicable resistance from
binutils maintainers but I could probably push it in, if I had to.

Maintaining gcc is harder due to the fact that you can't just build and
release the FSF release.  There are several additional patches required
that, for some reason, the gcc maintainers don't seem to want to apply.

There are also some patches that I've made to gcc to allow the
-mno-cygwin option to work better.  I doubt that they would be accepted
in the mainline gcc.  These currently are pretty 2.95.3 specific.

Now that I've scared everyone off, is anyone interested in maintaining
the cygwin gcc release?

FWIW, I can still be of some help in my capacity as FSF gcc cygwin
maintainer so I can get changes into the cygwin/mingw versions of gcc.

If I don't hear from anyone here, I'm going to push this request to
the cygwin mailing list, too.


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