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Re: Uploading a package to sources

Anybody know to where I should scp these packages?

Anyone know how to go about changing the setup.ini or is that Chris's

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> <FAQ Quote>
> Programming Questions
> How do I contribute a package?
> If you are willing to be a package maintainer, great. We urgently need
> volunteers to prepare and maintain packages, because the priority of the
> Cygwin Team is
> Cygwin itself.
> There will be a separate web page where all the details are documented,
> but this is not prepared yet. Meanwhile, pore through the cygwin-apps
> mailing archives
> (start at, and subscribe. Charles Wilson
> posted a short recipe of what's involved, using texinfo as an example,
> at
> This should give
> you an idea of what is required.
> You should announce your intentions to the general cygwin list, in case
> others were thinking the same thing.
> </FAQ Quote>
> Since there isn't yet a web page explaining this, and I can't seem to
> google to a sample.  Can some kind soul explain to me the proper means
> to upload a package?
> Thanks,
> Earnie.
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