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Re: [RFD] ncurses update

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> I have no idea why this stopped working.  I got the URL from a successful
> inspection of the file but then it stopped working.
> I've worked around the problem for now.  You should be able to look at
> it.

Yep, and it works.  (I just built a little mini-repository and ran the 
script on it.) The result:

# This file is automatically generated.  If you edit it, your
# edits will be discarded next time the file is generated.
# See for details.
setup-timestamp: 1000871525
setup-version: 2.97

@ libncurses5
version: 5.2-1
install: latest/ncurses/libncurses5/libncurses5-5.2-1.tar.bz2 181942
source:  latest/ncurses/libncurses5/libncurses5-5.2-1-src.tar.bz2 250

@ libncurses6
version: 5.2-1
install: latest/ncurses/libncurses6/libncurses6-5.2-1.tar.bz2 190045
source:  latest/ncurses/libncurses6/libncurses6-5.2-1-src.tar.bz2 254

@ ncurses
version: 5.2-6
install: latest/ncurses/ncurses-5.2-6.tar.bz2 621100
source:  latest/ncurses/ncurses-5.2-6-src.tar.bz2 1366078

@ terminfo
version: 5.2-1
install: latest/terminfo/terminfo-5.2-1.tar.bz2 170736
source:  latest/terminfo/terminfo-5.2-1-src.tar.bz2 261953

since libncurses5 and libncurses6 are actually generated from source 
packages whose archive name differs from their own, I've created tiny 
"source" archives for them that just contain a README pointing to the 
correct source.

If there are no serious objections, I think I'll go with this.


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