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Re: get windows error message 0xc0000142 on starting cygwin app

On Wed, Sep 19, 2001 at 04:53:09PM +0200, Ralf Habacker wrote:
>> No, I mean that an instruction that manipulates the stack results in an
>> error.  That indicates to me that the stack pointer is screwed up.
>But that would be code in the ntdll.dll or kernel32.dll ? But as I understand
>does this code uses the stack of the current process, that is for example bash
>or ssp or gdb, isn't it ?

If you don't think it's the stack pointer, you can verify the issue very
quickly.  Inspect it in gdb.

(gdb) info reg $esp
(gdb) x/20x $esp

>2.  objdump shows that ld by default reserves about 2MB for the dll and
>exe stack.  Isn't this enough ?

Who knows?  This depends on the application.  Have you tried setting the
stack size to something larger?  You'd probably have to add a


to your gcc linker line.

>3.  Do you know where I can find informations (online docu) about the
>pe format ?  I have recognized some differences in the header like a
>native win32 app and a ld produced app.  For example the "Subsystem"
>field differs.  Perhaps this is a relocation problem.  Do you know any
>way to verify this guess ?

There must be a lot of documentation in Microsoft's MSDN:


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