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RE: ncurses announcement - trial run

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Charles Wilson []
> Robert Collins wrote:
> > Should the man pages be in with the .dlls? Or at least the 
> end user ones
> > that refer to setting TERM etc?
> I was just following the lead of the other distros RPMS. 
> Besides, what 
> you suggest would cause conflicts -- both libncurses5 and libncurses6 
> would contains these man pages, leading to ordering problems with 
> upgrades (Or, forcing me to update libncurses6 MERELY because 
> libncurses7 is coming out -- update 6 so NOT include those man pages. 
> But then you STILL have ordering problems.)

Ah, yes I see that now :[.

> > Could the static library and header tarball be called 
> ncurses-dev-5.2-6
> > ? (I hope the reason is obvious :})
> 'ncurses-devel' package -- but decided to let necessity be my 
> guide -- 

fair enough. Only askin'.

> That's up to Chris.  Having just pestered him to release a 
> new version 
> with Ralf's fix, I'd prefer to wait before (a) bugging him again (b) 
> slamming the mirrors with Yet Another Update.  Besides, there's a few 
> more items on the TODO list for binutils; it'd be nice to 
> push some of 
> that thru before the next binutils rev.

I guess the other option, if you want to avoid the folk-who-cannot-read
problem is to hold off for the next binutils and do the above then. (But
I'm sure you've already considered that).


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