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Re: Autotools; new versions

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From: "Earnie Boyd" <>

> Christopher Faylor wrote:
> > >> Is this something worth considering?
> > >
> > >Yes.  But I think the requirement for separate install prefixes
> > >remains.  I don't know much about debian, tho, so take that with a
> > >chunk of salt.

Debian installs 2.13 out of the way of 2.52. I'm not sure where though
(I'm not near that machine *right now*).

> > I was thinking that we'd somehow have one autoconf.tar.gz which had
> > versions and a magic wrapper to handle them.

Debian have 2.52, and if you want 2.13 *at all* you must have 2.52. That
suggests to me that the magic wrapper is in the 2.52 tarball.

> I see the magic wrapper being nothing more than reading the
> or to get the AC_PREREQ value and creating the
> symlinks to the correct versions before executing the tool.  BTW, I
> looked at the in newlib and the AC_PREREQ value is
> 2.5.

It may have started like that, but I believe it's a little smarter now
.. It's under the GPL, why not grab the deb, run ar and have a look?


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