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Re: new 'temp' directory in CVS cinstall contains dependency WIP

Christopher Faylor schrieb am 2001-09-19, 22:58:

>Without the "-d" the rh output is based on Red Hat's rpms.  You do need
>to have all of the packages on your system that are in the cygwin
>release to use this, though.

I will refresh my mirror this night and start testing.

>I'm also open to other category names.  You can see the ones that
>I/Debian used in setup.ini.
>As I was setting up the category names I could hear the cygwin mailing
>list voices asking "Why is gawk in the base category!!!???  I don't like
>gawk! It sounds like someone is vomiting!" I'm wondering if our category
>method will immediately prove that we really need something as
>sophisticated as rpm or apt.

gawk is an interpreter, what else?

>I was also wondering if we wanted to have a minimal category, too, which
>only included bash, cygwin, ash, and...???
>And, another thing that I thought would be neat would be for there to be
>some way for users to specify their own categories so that a "Bob"
>category could contain "cygwin, bash, and libtiff" but nothing else.

Sounds like these both are the same.  Userdefined setups are really nice
and 'minimal' could be the default/example setting for a user defined set.



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