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Re: binutils patch [Was: Re: ncurses announcement - trial run]

Charles Wilson wrote:

> Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> I don't mind making another update if you think it is important.  I
>> thought it would be nice for the current version to get some exercise
>> first but if you think we need a new release, I'll make one.
>> Just send me the patch that turns on auto import by default, if that
>> is what you want.

> I've attached a patch that makes ld default to using 
> --enable-auto-import.  However, I've also just submitted two patches to 
> binutils.

Okay, after recent binutils CVS commits (see below), the previously 
posted "make auto-import default" patch still applies cleanly.

> The first attempts to fix the "pe_data_import_dll" variable defined in 
> pe.em, used in pe-dll.c problem.  (The previous situation was ugly which 
> was bad enough, but worse, it caused build failures on 
> non-DLL-supporting pei386 platforms, like arm-epoc-pe.  I'm waiting for 
> someone on one of those other affected platforms to verify that it works 
> for them)

Well, this is now a non-issue.  pe_data_import_dll is still a shared 
variable between pe-dll.c and emultempl/pe.em -- but Nick came up with a 
solution (now committed in CVS) that allows all pe platforms to build 
correctly.  It may be ugly, but it works -- and a "real" fix is FAR more 
intrusive than this "bug" requires.  See:

> The second fixes the documentation to clarify the recent long long 
> confusion.

this has been accepted and applied to CVS.

So, Chris -- when you get time, and I know that's in short supply this 
week, you might want to generate a new binutils package.  At that point, 
I'll rewrite my documentation within the new ncurses package, generate a 
new set of ncurses tarballs, generate a new dllhelpers package, re-do my 
ncurses announcement text, etc...

BTW, I am presently working on yet another update to the binutils.README 
if you want to include it within the new binutils package.  It'll be 
available at

*when* I've gotten it ready.


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