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Re: new 'temp' directory in CVS cinstall contains dependency WIP

Ok.  I'm going to clarify and simplify:

Here is what I'm asking:

1) If you are a package maintainer, check your entries in
   setup.ini for accuracy.  Make any changes that you think
   are appropriate.  Check them into cvs.  Ignore the "rh"

2) Try setup.ini with a freshly compiled setup.exe.  If it
   works fine for you, you're done.  If it doesn't then debugging
   is appreciated.

If this is confusing to you or if you think I've inexplicably
changed the game plan from what I've been sending for the last
couple of months, then you can just ignore everything and go
back about your business.  I'll just use what I've generated,
which should be adequate.

I'm not telling you how I'm going to generate it any more than
I involve you in my cygwin mailing list activities.  Rest assured
that the setup.ini that people download will have this information
in it.

Other points:

- The "rh" script is the same script that generated the previous
  setup.ini that I posted asking for people to change.

- I switched to the Debian categories because I thought that was
  the consensus.

- I am not doing away with the idea of allowing setup.hint to
  control update-setup's operation.

I hope that covers all of Robert's objections.


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