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Re: Objective-C and cygwin (at WIN32)

Since Objective-C is not a released cygwin package, it is inappropriate
topic for cygwin-apps.

Please confine your discussion to

On Wed, Sep 26, 2001 at 11:28:05AM +0000, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:
>       Hello, Adam!
>       Hello, Cygwin hackers!
>Adam Fedor wrote:
>>No it's not. In fact you need to use gnustep-objc on Cygwin/MinGW 
>>machines even if you have gcc 3.x, because the libobjc library in 3.x 
>>doesn't properly export symbols for DLLs
>>>Ok. I got "config" dir and GNUMakefile from gnustep-objc-1.0.1.tar.gz 
>>>(above) into "libobjc" dir from GCC ditro.
>>>Then added NXConstStr.m into GNUMakefile
>>>and - viola! compiled objc.dll. It seems to work. Let's see what next 
>>It probably won't work, even though it compiles. See above.
>You are right - it doesn't work. But the gnustep's libobjc either!
>In fact I had to add some lines into libobjc.def just to get 
>gnustep-base copiled. This particular ones:
>       objc_condition_allocate
>       objc_condition_deallocate
>       objc_condition_wait
>       objc_condition_broadcast
>       objc_set_thread_callback
>       __objc_msg_forward
>But for both libs (std GCC's and GNUstep's) I obtain error like this:
>   m.AllocationBase 0x614C0000, m.BaseAddress 0x614E0000, m.RegionSize
>   0xFD000, m.State 0x1000
>   d:\Temp\doc\objc\test\shared_obj\ix86\cygwin\gnu-gnu-gnu\Test.exe:
>   *** Couldn't reserve space for cygwin's heap (0x614E0000 <0x470000>)
>   in child, Win32 error 6
>search through cygwin malinglists didn't clarify the problem :-(
>Any ideas?

You need to search harder?

Since this issue was just discussed last week, you should be able to
unearth some information.


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