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Re: [PATCH] Setup postinstall logging - take 3?

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
>, change the "#if 0" in line 185 to "#if 1", and test that, I'd
> appreciate it.  The expected result is that no window is shown at all -
> setup should just seem to hang for a bit while it's running postinstall
> scripts.  You should be able to track its progress by getting a listing of
> the /etc/postinstall directory and seeing scripts renamed to ".done".
> You might also wish to apply the latest patch I sent
> (<>) which adds
> progress bars and runs postinstall scripts in a different thread.
I tried updating from HEAD and compiled on W2k and Win95.  I then ran and 
reinstalled  gcc-mingw and inetutils.  I still got a command window which I 
believe was before the install (and was actually doing the uninstall - but I 
think it said postinstall) and then it did the install and then no other 
windows (just "create icons" in the task bar and as a title on the current 
window then installation complete.  

I then tried the above patch for the progress bars and the different thread and 
reinstalled same two packages - I saw the .sh files change to .sh.done but saw 
no difference in the screens from the first time I ran.  No progress bars or 
difference in windows.  On either machine. :-(

Just thought I would give you an update but I need to play with this one more 
and look at some code and see if I can tell if it is working and where it 
should be working.


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