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Re: setup ( vs CVS mingw-runtime

On Tue, 2003-04-01 at 06:23, Danny Smith wrote:
> > Ergo, this will be a problem when the next mingw-runtime comes out.
> > 
> > Danny, if you have a patch for either mingw or setup, that'd be great.
> > Does what you are suggesting impose any limitations on setup ?
> > 
> Probably simplest (for per-file override of _CRTIMP) is just to add
> #define _CRTIMP
> before including any other header.
> My preference, however, is to #define _CRTIMP as nothing by default in
> _mingw.h,
> thus reverting to old behaviour.  And then add another condition like,
> #if __USE_CRTIMP, to enable it.

This is my preference too. Can such a change be made before the next
mingw-runtime release?

The performance hit Earnie mentions would be a little annoying, and not
a major headache, but adding a compiler flag with global effect to
workaround a library limitation (and preventing user overload of fprintf
is a library/header limitation) just seems wrong.


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