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Re: new package proposal : CLISP

* 2003-09-15 Sam Steingold <> list.cygwin-apps
* Message-Id: <>
| >* Igor Pechtchanski <crpugpun@pf.alh.rqh> [2003-09-15 11:57:43 -0400]:
| >
| > On Sat, 13 Sep 2003, Sam Steingold wrote:
| > 
| > > >* Christopher Faylor <> [2003-09-13 19:41:02 -0400]:
| > > >
| > > > >this is a misunderstanding.  I am maintaining this package.
| > > > >please do upload it.
| > > >
| > > > Your first act as a maintainer was to ask someone else to maintain
| > > > the package, indicating that you have "quite enough on my plate".
| > > > That does not fill me with confidence.
| > >
| > > what do you want - a marriage contract?
| > > I have been looking for someone to make and maintain CLISP cygwin
| > > package for a year.  now I am doing it myself.  I am still looking for
| > > someone to take over.  so?
| > 
| > I don't see how having a separate maintainer for the Cygwin version of
| > CLISP makes your task any easier.  All the patches will still go to
| > you (as an upstream maintainer), as will most of the bug reports.  If
| > you're the Cygwin maintainer, you won't have to worry about notifying
| > the Cygwin maintainer of new releases, etc.  In fact, you don't even
| > have to maintain a separate set of Cygwin patches (if you include the
| > CYGWIN-PATCHES directory in the main repository).  All in all, if I
| > were an author of a package, I'd choose to maintain it myself...  This
| > is all IMO, of course.
| Let me wander away for a second.
| When people say "consistent interface", they mean different things.
| For Mozilla people this means that Mozilla on Linux, Windows and Mac
| looks exactly the same.  For GNOME people this means that all
| GNOME applications look exactly the same.  Both these consistecies
| cannot be satisfied at the same time, right?
| The same goes for package maintenance.
| As a CLISP maintainer, I want the CLISP build process to be identical
| on all systems.  Indeed it is: on unix and win32/mingw, all it takes
| to configure, build and install is:
|         ./configure --install
| Now, cygwin maintainers (like RedHat maintaners, Debian maintaners &c
| &c) want all packages to look the same _to them_.  This is quite
| reasonable, but it puts a certain strain on me: I have to learn all sort
| of new stuff (setup.hint format, CYGWIN-PATCHES, *.spec, debian &c &c).
| This is why I want someone who already maintains a cygwin package and
| who is comfortable with all these requirements to maintain the CLISP
| cygwin package.
| I am lucky that CLISP already has a debian maintainer.
| Now I want a cygwin maintainer too.

I know what you mean, having have to learn the "Cygwin method" in
summer. I now have a automatic tool to build Cygwin Net release
packages quite easily, so I might consider being clisp maintainer.

I'll contact you directly to get us started


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