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Re: List of package owners

On Sat, 20 Sep 2003, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> It took awhile but this is the list of package owners, gleaned
> from the pages of cygwin-announce and cygwin-apps.
> It seems like a few packages have never actually been announced.
> We have to watch that.  Packages whose owners have an asterisk
> after their names have not been announced.  A '!!!' means that
> the package is probably dormant.

It would probably be nice if you could let maintainers mark unwanted
packages (i.e., those they're willing to give up if someone else
volunteers -- I suspect you'd be the first to mark some).

> I suspect that a few packages are also unmaintained.  Is the astyle
> maintainer still around, for instance?
> There are a few packages that lack owners.  The most notable may
> be m4.  Chuck and I exchanged some private email about this last
> week.  Anyone up for maintaining m4?
> Please send corrections to cygwin-apps and I'll make the appropriate
> changes to the list.  I have email addresses in my list too but I
> didn't include those for obvious reasons.
> cgf

I'd like to point out that the names of some people are written
differently for the different packages they maintain (see below).  Should
these be somehow normalized?

> c-client                abraham
> libxerces-c21           Abe Backus
> libxerces-c22           Abe Backus
> libxerces-c23           Abe Backus
> uw-imap                 abraham
> uw-imap-imapd           Abraham Backus
> uw-imap-util            Abraham Backus
> xerces-c                Abe Backus
> xerces-c-devel          Abe Backus
> xerces-c-doc            Abe Backus
All the same person.

> fvwm                    Harold Hunt
> WindowMaker             Harold Hunt
"Harold L Hunt II" everywhere else.

> lesstif                 Harold L Hunt II
I believe the maintainer is actually Brian Ford (see

> rxvt                    Steve O

FWIW, his full name is "Steve Osborn".

> pdksh                   Elfyn McBratney!!!
> splint                  Elfyn McBratney!!!

Oh, and one more note.  I know I'd originally intended to maintain pdksh
before Elfyn beat me to it.  I would adopt it (and splint) now, except
that I'm currently in a very uncertain situation and very reluctant to
take up maintainership of any new packages to just have to give it up
again in a short while.  I should know more about my ability to make
maintainership commitments some time in October, and will pick up pdksh
and splint if I'm able to, if Elfyn doesn't surface by then, and if noone
else takes them.
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