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License restrictions? (graphviz)

> > doxygen                 Ryunosuke Satoh
> I just want to point out, that the astyle maintainer also has the
> ownership of doxygen. The doxygen version does not work correctly on text
> mounts and Ryunosuke confirmed me this lastly (after some private email
> conversation 1 year ago), but he neither build a version with corrected
> open modes nor did he update doxygen to the current version 1.3.x (where x
> is meanwhile 3). So I suppose that doxygen is abandonned too.

Doxygen chatter made me remember something I was interested in maintaining. 
Graphviz, which is the source of the 'dot' program which doxygen can use to
produce some very nice inheritance diagrams.

I guess the main issue I wondered about was whether the at&t 'open source'
licence used is compatible with the practicalities and ethos of the
setup.exe distribution.  Its distributed as part of debian 'non-free' so I
imagine it can't be too bad, but I'm not one to understand legalize all that


For reference:

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