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Re: [ITP] editrights

> On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 07:51:29PM +0100, Chris Rodgers wrote:
> > [editrights-1.01-1.tar.bz2]
> > usr/
> > usr/bin/
> > usr/bin/editrights.exe
> > usr/doc/
> > usr/doc/Cygwin/
> > usr/doc/Cygwin/editrights-1.01-1.README
> Just a minor nit, could you repackage so that the documentation is
> under usr/share/doc instead of usr/doc?  We're currently moving to
> the FHS.  Otherwise, everything's ok.

> Oh, one point:  When examining the user (or group) rights, it lists only
> the rights which are exactly given to the user (or group).  It doesn't
> list rights given to the user on behalf of other groups, the user (or
> group) is member of.  I know that this makes listing rights a bit more
> complex and I don't think it's needed now but it would be a nice(tm)
> extension at one later point, wouldn't it?
Yes, I thought about doing that earlier on. Unfortunately, it's going to be
more difficult for me to sort that, especially since I do not have an NT
domain here, just machines in a workgroup (and can therefore only test my
code against local groups). If I get some time, I'll consider it.


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