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Re: ITP: graphviz (and doxygen?)

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, Hack Kampbjorn wrote:

> Gareth Pearce wrote:
> > One thing to note is that in debian it is distributed under non-free.  So
> > perhaps someone might like to comment on if the license is valid for
> > setup.exe distribution.
> If Debian has put it under non-free it does not meet Debian's poliy for main.
> It's problamy not compatible with GPL or the OpenSource Definition
> >
> > For reference:
> >
> >
> I could not find the license under OSD Approved Licenses. And it's way too
> longer to get an idea about it without spending several hours with a lawyer 8-(


If all you need in GraphViz is DOT, you may consider distributing VCG
(<>) instead.  It's
graph description language is very similar to DOT's, and it's GPL'd.
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