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Re: [Pre-ITP] httpd-2.0.53-0.3

Stipe Tolj wrote:
Max Bowsher wrote:

Max Bowsher wrote:

Preview packages of httpd-2.0.53-0.3 are available at:
(setup.exe installable site)

Any comments welcome.

Updated to 0.4, fixing the postinstall bug previously mentioned, and
renaming the pidfile to

installing via setup runs fine.

After commenting out nobody user and group config directive in

Interesting, I didn't do that, but it just ignored those directives. (In fact, I'd assumed they were commented already, since it was running fine, but they actually aren't commented).

and changing ServerName directive I get the following:

tolj@epimetheus /etc
$ /usr/sbin/httpd2
Bad system call


I forgot to document:

Apache2 requires cygserver.
Make sure cygserver is running, and that your CYGWIN envvar contains "server".

BTW, I see in /usr/lib/apach2/lib that all shared modules have .so filename
endings, which is obviously not what we want in the DLL world, right?

Apache has standardized on .so - even for their native Win32 build.
In any case, it really doesn't matter - you can dlopen() whatever you want.
Plus *not* naming something .dll seems to be the only way to stop libtool trying to install it in a ../bin/ directory relative to where you actually tell it to install.


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