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Upload: readline-5.0-4, libreadline6-5.0-4

Hash: SHA1

This is my first shot at packaging readline, after taking over from Chuck.
There are no substantial changes from 5.0-3, but I did remove some
compiler warnings and beef up the build script to make sure I had some
idea of what was going on.  Also, Chuck had readline in Base, but I think
it belongs better in Devel and Libs (you only need to download it if you
want the man pages, or want to compile against the headers or the static
versions), while leaving libreadline6 in Base (since at least bash depends
on the dlls).

This version will be test at first, so I can make sure bash-3.0-10 and
readline-5.0-4 play nicely together before moving them to current at the
same time sometime next week.  {readline,libreadline6}-5.0-3 can be deleted.

file	size	md5sum
	76798	63cc54ef00b75b66cde606f7d1c5762f
	267384	4b7925940e8a951e6d04f5cadbd539c1
	1862369	7dd1eb192eb646d019ad447a913ba255
	(prev: 5.0-1, curr: 5.0-2, test: 5.0-4)
	407	c4d2a1e98588e35964d5722df5a21e35
	(prev: 5.0-1, curr: 5.0-2, test: 5.0-4)
	399	2c1836a2fcb4d2ab9b77911341bc63e0

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Eric Blake   

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