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Re: [ITA] subversion-1.4.6-1

On 6/6/2008 4:03 AM, Reini Urban wrote:
2008/5/23 David Rothenberger <>:
I would like to adopt Subversion from Max Bowsher. I've packaged the
latest release (1.4.6).

I used the Subversion client daily, but not any of the bindings or
the Apache2 module. I've run the included test suite and everything
passes except the Ruby bindings. It looks like this might be a
problem with the tests and not the bindings, but I'm not sure.

I'd appreciate at least one GTG on this, since the packaging is
complicated, at least for me.

libdb4.2-devel should be used, and not the filesystem driver.

Why is that? Support for both BDB and FSFS builds fine and all tests pass with both. FSFS is the default on other platforms. Is there some reason it should not be included on Cygwin?

checking neon library version... 0.27.0
You have neon version 0.27.0,
but Subversion needs neon 0.25.5.

An appropriate version of neon could not be found, so libsvn_ra_dav
will not be built.  If you want to build libsvn_ra_dav, please either
install neon 0.25.5 on this system


get neon 0.25.5 from:
unpack the archive using tar/gunzip and rename the resulting
directory from ./neon-0.25.5/ to ./neon/

no suitable neon found
huh? really?

1.4.6 only supported up to 0.26.4, but I applied a patch from Debian to also support 0.27.2 and 0.28.2. 0.27.0 is not supported, though. Do you have the latest version of libneon-devel installed? If so, you should be building against 0.28.2.

configuring libtool now
line 5960: syntax error near unexpected token `lt
line 5960: `lt_if_append_uniq(lt_decl_varnames, S
ED, , ,'
*** ERROR: configure failed

1.4.6 won't build with libtool 2.x. It requires 1.5. I'm not going to address that because
1. I'm not well versed with libtool.
2. subversion 1.5.0 is imminent and supports libtool 2.x.

However, I'd be happy to include patches to support libtool 2.x if someone provides them.

David Rothenberger  ----

"I'm not a god, I was misquoted."
                -- Lister, Red Dwarf

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