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Re: x86/ -> ./ symlink

Corinna Vinschen writes:
>> The change itself breaks a few cases that maybe aren't supported,
>> but nevertheless worked for quite some time.
> What cases?

I have abandoned this directory layout some time ago, but I was doing
things like


with normally a single setup.ini in each subtree (sometimes a few levels
down) and it would integrate all the setup.ini it found depending on
where I'd start setup.exe or what I told it was the local directory.
I'm still using a similar layout for keeping track of the mirrors and my
local packages, but I copy the package files and re-write setup.ini to
reference them in a single tree somewhere else.

> Just to be clear, the introduction of the target subdirs broke any
> former working scenario to install from a local dir, be it a mirror or a
> setup.exe install dir.  Both of these cases should work again (assuming
> the above is fixed).
> I'm not aware of any other scenario besides ./$target and ./$url/$target
> we will have to support.  Can you give a brief outline of the scenarios
> which aren't supported anymore from your POV?

In the directory structure above, starting at a directory at <â> or
above.  As I said, I don't think this is something that must be
supported.  I'm also unsure what your changes mean for local directories
that have no setup.ini file at all, but it appears from your description
that these are expected to work as they did before (I've never used
these, anyway).

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