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Re: x86/ -> ./ symlink

Corinna Vinschen writes:
>> Having said that, I could also change setup so that any setup.ini file
>> which is not under a $target subdir is still recognized, but only when
>> trying to install a 32 bit Cygwin.  This should make the code backward
>> compatible with existing layouts.

I'm usually for backwards compatibility, however in this case the
current behaviour is largely undocumented and somewhat surprising, so
lets drop the cruft and clearly specify which directory layouts are
expected and supported.

> Easier said than done.  If I change the code to ignore the subdir name
> on 32 bit installs, then it will pick up 64 bit setup.ini files, too.
> Bad, bad, bad.
> Given that, I really think the best way to handle this is to use
> different ini file names:
>   setup-x86.ini     -> 32 bit
>   setup-x86_64.ini  -> 64 bit
>   setup.ini         -> allow with 32 bit install for backward compat.

Yes, that looks nicer to me.  Yet another option is to stick with
setup.ini and merge the information into a single file with [x86] and
[x86_64] install sections.  That cutss down on redundant information
like descriptions, but maybe intertwines the two architectures more than
wanted.  But if these are expected to converge, then maybe this is the
better option.

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