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Re: octave-3.4.0.exe: error while loading shared libraries

On Wed, Jul 03, 2013 at 05:41:05PM +0200, wrote:
>Hello there,
>I'm sorry to disturb but as an absolute beginner with 
>Cygwin I couldn't find the correct answer to this problem, even if I 
>found some interesting clues from previous answer in mailing list 

You're in the wrong mailing list.  You somehow found the cygwin-apps list
but you didn't quite grok the fact that this isn't for asking questions:

  cygwin-apps: a subscriber-only list for discussing packaging issues
  regarding applications that are distributed with the Cygwin DLL.  If you
  are maintaining or volunteering to maintain one of the packages that is
  distributed with the Cygwin net releases you should be subscribed to
  this list.  This list is intended for discussing solutions.  It is not
  (with one exception) for bug reports, "it would be nice", or "how do I"
  type of musings.  Do not subscribe to this mailing list to ask questions
  about packages.  Use the main Cygwin mailing list for that.

Use the main cygwin list.

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