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Re: x86/ -> ./ symlink

Christopher Faylor writes:
> I don't think that anyone was saying that we want one setup.ini to be
> able to handle both distributions though.  That certainly isn't the way
> that I've been slowly setting things up on  And, maybe
> more importantly, I don't like the idea so I'm not apt to implement this
> in upset or setup.

Good, that closes the discussion as far as I'm concerned.

> What I'm leaning towards doing is creating a new "cache" directory which
> just contains x86 and x86_64 directories with a setup.ini in each.  I'd
> get rid of the (IMO) stupid mangled site names since I don't think they
> are really important and just download files directly into
> x86*/release.

That'd work for me.  These days it's probably far less useful to know
which mirror you downloaded from and more useful to be able to switch to
a different mirror without having to remember that you also need to
rename the existing directory in case you don't want to download all
files again.

> setup.exe would only look in the architecture directory that it cared
> about for setup.ini, ignoring the other architecture.


> If it's important than we could have setup do the old stupid way of
> looking up and down in non-"cache" directories for setup.ini but I think
> I'd like to retire that behavior.  Unfortunately, I don't know who is
> relying on it.

Everybody currently using Cygwin in conjunction with Ports, I'd think.
You could interpret this either as having parallel cache directories or
as a cache directory with the first level anything other than x86*, but
anyway I'd suggests that setup.exe still needs to support it one way or
the other.

> Maybe we could keep a setup-legacy.exe around for a while
> for people who still need this IMO brain-dead behavior.  Or, better, tag
> CVS and let them build the source themselves if they need this.

I've been building my own setup.exe for some time, but I don't really
think this is something done oftenâ

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