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Re: Preparation for gcc 4.7.3-1

Charles Wilson writes:
> I'll roll a new release of the mingw(.org) toolchain in the next
> week.

I've compiled setup.exe with the mingw toolchain without any errors and
I have not found any executable from the mingw toolchain that actually
links against the libmpc1 library.  Maybe I didn't look closely enough,
but it seems that this library isn't actually a requirement (along with
some others).  When you roll a new release it'd be interesting to see if
those dependencies are real or not.

> I don't think your stopgap will work, because the whole reason
> the dll version number changed (from libmpc1 to libmpc3) was because
> of backwards-incompatible API changes.

The libmpc1 library that went out of service already had that API best I
know, but the library version was pinned to 1 for whatever reason.  I've
been running a gcc-4.5.3 for quite some time with that hack and haven't
had a problem.

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