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Re: [RFU] poco-1.4.6p1-1

On 07/07/13 23:36, Ken Brown wrote:
On 7/7/2013 1:19 PM, David Stacey wrote:
Marco queried whether the version number was necessary in the
'libpoco-1.4.6' directory name. I copied the naming convention from the
Boost package (which has version numbers in its directory names), but
feel free to change this if you think necessary.

It's not just the directory names that have version numbers in them but also the package names. A package called libpoco-1.4.6, with a hyphen followed by a number, looks very unusual to me. At the very least, I think the hyphen should disappear, but probably part of 1.4.6 should also disappear. Someone who understands library naming conventions should give you some advice here.

Thanks for the advice, Ken. Yes, you're quite right - the boost directory names don't contain the hyphen. It's rather late now, but I'll drop an e-mail to the main Cygwin list tomorrow and ask for opinions on the package names. I really don't mind what these packages are called as long as everyone is happy!

Once we've all agreed, I'll tweak my cygport file, rebuild and send another RFU. So please hold off uploading for the time being.

Thanks again,


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