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Re: old automake vs. cygwin64 [Was: Automake 1.9 bug: config.guess does not recognize Cygwin64]

On Jul 10 11:05, Charles Wilson wrote:
> On 7/10/2013 2:11 AM, Fedin Pavel wrote:
> >  Hello! I've just stumbled accross a bug in Automake v1.9 package. I was
> >trying to regenerate files in a source tree which sets automake version to
> >1.9. 'automake -icf' has copied files, but config.guess bundled with this
> >version of automake appears to not know 64-bit Cygwin. Please fix.
> I'm planning to respin all of the [64bit] automake-* packages.
> Should I update the included config.guess/config.sub in each of them
> to the latest version (which supports cygwin64), even for ancient
> automake like 1.4p6?
> If not, then should I update ANY of the config.guess/config.subs in
> the non-latest automake? How "far back" should I propagate the
> latest config.* -- 1.9? 1.8?

Erm... as far back as possible, perhaps?


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