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Re: [ITP] svn_load_dirs

On 11/07/13 19:46, David Rothenberger wrote:
Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>On Jul 11 10:15, David Rothenberger wrote:
>>Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>>>On Jul 10 20:32, David Rothenberger wrote:
>>>>In response to a request on the mailing list [1], I've decided to
>>>>package svn_load_dirs as a separate package instead of including it
>>>>in subversion-tools. The main reason is to facilitate using cygport
>>>>to extract the tool from the Subversion repository; I can't see an
>>>>easy way to do that as part of the main subversion.cygport file.
>>>I can't comment on this subversion vs. cygport problem, but the
>>>package itself is fine.  Shall I upload?
>>Yes, please.
>>Since the package is just a Perl script, I used the same links for both
>>the 32 and 64-bit packages. I think the same package should work fine
>>for both architectures. You can download it once and just copy it if you
>Done as you suggested.
>But there's a catch:  After uploading, while adding the svn_load_dirs
>package to the cygwin-pkg-maint file I noticed that there's already a
>package svn-load from Jari Aalto, which is apparently already the same
>thing per the setup.hint file:
>   sdesc: "An enhanced import facility for Subversion"
>   ldesc: "A free replacement for svn_load_dirs, an enhanced import facility for
>   Subversion. The utility will commit a single changeset that alters a
>   repository subtree to match a local directory. It detects filenames
>   that have been removed or created, and uses this knowledge to prompt
>   the user about file and directory movements within the subtree. An
>   automatic tagging option is also supported. Svn-load is well suited
>   for vendor branch maintenance, where external source is routinely
>   imported and merged."
>   category: Devel Python
>   requires: python
>Does it really make sense to have this twice?
It's not the same thing. svn-load is a svn_load_dirs/replacement/  that
is written in Python, while svn_load_dirs is written in Perl.

I don't use either and can't comment about why someone would want to use
svn_load_dirs instead of svn-load, but they are not the exact same things.

Firstly, many thanks for going to this effort and packaging svn_load_dirs. I know a little history about this that might help.

svn_load_dirs is a part of Subversion - it is found in the 'contrib' section of Subversion's own repo [1] and is documented in the official Subversion documentation [2]. Back in 2006/7 there was some doubt as to the ownership of svn_load_dirs [3], and so svn_load_dirs was removed (temporarily) from Debian.

svn_load was started as a free replacement [4] to fill the gap. However, I assume that the ownership and licencing problems of svn_load_dirs were sorted out, because now it is licenced under the 'Academic Free Licence' [1] and is back in Debian [5]. Indeed, Debian users are spoilt for choice, as svn_load is also available [6].

I'm not sure what the differences are between the two (if any), as I've never used svn_load. But given that svn_load_dirs comes from the Subversion repo and is officially documented, I'd prefer to use that.

Hope this clarifies matters,


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[3] -
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