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Re: Please try new setup exe's

Christopher Faylor writes:
>>The setup-version: tag is missing from those setup.ini files at the
> That was unintentional and now fixed.

Thank you.

>>and the process to generate them seems to have been started one
>>directory level up (paths are starting with x86/ rather than release).
> That was intentional.

I already suspected that, so I went ahead and adapted my setup.ini
parser to deal with that.

The unconditionally uses the mingw64 toolchain if it finds
one.  The cross compilation toolchain for 32bit didn't work on the new
installation I did over the weekend, but I ran out of time to check what
the old installation does or why it fails.  The symptom is that the
actual compiler binary never seems to start (no error messages, though)
and doesn't produce any output.  Cross compilation on Linux (openSUSE)
works, but the link stage fails due to missing static libraries (I can't
find a package that has them, so I'll have to compile the myself).
Also, the toolchain on openSUSE seems to by configured to use sjlj

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