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Re: Readline 64 bit packaging bug (was Re: Please try new setup exe's)

On Jul 16 16:33, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Jul 16 16:21, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > On Jul 16 10:04, Ken Brown wrote:
> > > The dependencies on readline also need to be fixed.  In addition to
> > > the three that Jon mentioned, there's also rlwrap.  My guess is that
> > > all four dependencies should be removed (rather than replaced with
> > > dependencies on libreadline-devel), since none of the packages
> > > depend on readline in the x86 distro.
> > 
> > How did I miss that?  THis is probably the same effect as for the gcc
> > dependency since it's no coincidence that 3 of the 4 affected packages
> > are mine.  I fixed that for all of them, including the python package.
> I just rebuilt 64 bit gawk for testing, and cygport still adds the
> readline dependency.
> And I think I see why that is.  It's a packaging bug in readline.
> For some reason, the /usr/bin/cyghistory7.dll and /usr/bin/cygreadline7.dll
> files are present in *both* packages, readline and libreadline7.
> The readline package quite certainly shouldn't contain these files?
> Yaakov, did you provide the 64 bit readline stuff?  If so, can you have
> a look why the DLLs are present in both packages and fix it?

No, hang one, all-clear.

There is no readline binary package, but for some weird reason I had a
file /etc/setup/readline.lst.gz which supposedly contained the following


I'm not quite sure where I got this from.  Did we have a simplified
64 bit readline package at one point?

Anyway, this shouldn't happen to others, in theory, and I do hope
that was the last weirdness in my installation...


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