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Re: [64bit] Some packaging problems

On 7/17/2013 4:30 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Jul 16 17:25, Ken Brown wrote:
I noticed that a default x86_64 install brings in a lot more
packages than a default x86 install.  I found three problems that
explain at least some of this.

1. The x86_64 distro has both libexpat1-devel and libexpat-devel,
with the files of the latter being a subset of those of the former.
In addition, libexpat1-devel is missing a setup.hint, so it is put
into the Misc category and installed by default.  BTW, there are
packages depending on both of these in the distro, so there will be
other changes needed after one of them is removed.

For all I can tell, libexpat-devel seems to be the old version,
libexpat1-devel the new one.  We should probably manually fix the deps
in the various hint files to require libexpat1-devel and remove the
libexpat-devel package.  Yaakov?

2. gdb has the wrong setup.hint; it's the same as the setup.hint for
rebase.  In particular, this puts it into the Base category.

Thanks, I fixed the setup.hint manually and I'm just building a new gdb
package with the fixed cygport file.

3. The dependencies man ==> groff ==> perl bring perl into a default

Hmm, is that bad?  OTOH, the 32 bit groff only requires some default
libs, not bash, sed, and perl.  Why's that?

I just looked more carefully and saw that the groff installation (both 32 bit and 64 bit) contains some perl scripts. So the dependence on perl is correct and should also be there in the 32-bit distro.


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