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Re: [64bit] Problem with emacs and shared memory under X11

On 18/07/13 20:59, Ken Brown wrote:
Did you have cygserver running when you did your tests? It doesn't seem good that the outcome of a configure test should depend on whether or not the person building the package happens to have cygserver running while doing the build.

If necessary, you can ensure that cygserver is running in your cygport file - I need to do this when running the Poco testsuite. Something like this ought to do the trick, derived from my 'poco.cygport':

src_compile() {
    # See if the 'cygserver' service exists.
    if [ "0" == "$(cygrunsrv --list | grep -i cygserver | wc -l)" ]; then
error "cygserver is not configured to run as a service. Please run 'cygserver-config'."

    # Get the name of the 'cygserver' service. By default, this will be
    # 'cygserver', but there is some debate about postfixing this with
    # '-32' or '-64' for the different architectures. The line below
    # should work it out.
local cygserver=$(cygrunsrv --list | grep -i cygserver | head --lines=1)

    # If the 'cygserver' service isn't running then start it now.
local cygsvrstate=$(cygrunsrv -Q "${cygserver}" | grep -i 'current state' | sed 's/\s//g' | cut -d ':' -f 2)
    if [ "${cygsvrstate}" != "Running" ]; then
        cygrunsrv -S "${cygserver}"

    # At this point, 'cygserver' is running.
    # Insert your code to './configure' and 'make' here...

    # If we started the 'cygserver' service above then stop it now.
    if [ "${cygsvrstate}" != "Running" ]; then
        cygrunsrv -E "${cygserver}"

Hope this is helpful,


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