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Re: [PATCH 0/4 setup] package re-/de-installation from CLI

Christopher Faylor writes:
> Are these all self-contained patches or are they interdependent?

They constitute a series, that's why I originally offered them as a
single patch.  The split was done for (hopefully) more clarity and
separating the last part.  The fourth patch could be trivially split to
add each of the two options seperately, which would then be independent
of each other, but dependent on the second patch being present.

Of the latter two options "--upgrade-also" was briefly the default
behaviour of setup.exe, but then changed to the current default after
some discussion on the Cygwin ML.  Of course this then incensed some
folks who preferred the interim default.  Since with those other changes
it is now painless offer the choice, I thought it should be implemented.

The --delete-orphans option (suggestions for a better name are welcome)
is useful to bring an installation to a known state after it has
languished for some time or when it had been installed in a different
state before.  In essence it deletes all those packages that it finds
installed, but would not be present in a fresh install with the same
options.  I use this to get rid of manually installed packages on my
test machines or to downsize a production installation (from developer
install to user install, for instance) without having to completely nuke
it and then do a reinstall.

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