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Re: [PATCH 2/4 setup] package re-/de-installation from CLI

On Jul 24 22:53, Achim Gratz wrote:
> >From baab3c913d87a06b62dd14c442a15dc8c2aa9361 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
> From: Achim Gratz <...>
> Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2013 22:00:36 +0200
> Subject: [PATCH 2/4] Allow deletion of packages and categories from CLI,
>  re-implement install from CLI
> 	* choose.h (hasManualSelections): Declare new variable.
> 	* (OnInit): Re-implement package handling depending on
> 	  options given on CLI using package actions instead of
> 	  package_meta low-level functions.  When no CLI package or
> 	  category options have been given, upgrade installed packages.
> 	  Do not check for updates when packages are to be added or
> 	  removed from the CLI, but this behaviour can be requested with
> 	  --upgrade-also.  A package that is requested to be removed and
> 	  also added at the same time gets re-installed or upgraded (when
> 	  version curr != installed).  Uninstalled packages in categories
> 	  "Base" or "Misc" are always selected for installation; installed
> 	  packages in these categories are not eligible for deletion and
> 	  will be reinstalled or upgraded instead.
> 	* package_meta.h (ismanuallyDeleted): Declare new method.
> 	* (DeletePackageOption): Add new CLI option
> 	  -x/--remove-packages, packages listed here are considered
> 	  candidates for deletion.
> 	  (DeleteCategoryOption): Add new CLI option
> 	  -c/--remove-categories, packages belonging to categories listed
> 	  here are considered candidates for deletion.
> 	  (hasManualSelections): Additional boolean to record if any
> 	  manual installations or deletions have been requested.
> 	  (packagemeta::isManuallyDeleted): Implement along the same lines
> 	  as isManuallyWanted, but for deletion candidates.



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